Alex Orthopaedics

Alex Orthopaedics in Chicago Illinois4801 W. Peterson Ave, Suite 606
Chicago, IL  600646
(773) 777-9100

Conveniently located just off the Eden’s Expressway at W. Peterson Ave.

Making an Appointment

If you are an individual and do not need a referral, you may make an appointment by calling: (773) 777-9100.  Physicians referring a patient should also call: (773) 777-9100.

New Patients – First Appointment

Hand Surgeon in Chicago - Contact UsNew patients should bring all of their relevant medical records to their first appointment or verify that our staff has received them from the patient’s referring physician.  These records might include items such as, reports, X-ray films and test results.

New patients should also remember to bring the name of their insurance provider and policy/group number.

If appropriate, also bring the contact information of your referring physician, including  name, office address or hospital, and phone number.

Location and Directions

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Emergency Care

If you or someone is experiencing a life-threatening problem, call 911 immediately or go to the nearest emergency room.

If an Alex Orthopaedic patient is taken to a hospital’s emergency room, family members should inform the staff that they are a patient of Dr. Peter Snitovsky of Alex Orthopaedics.

By Peter Snitovsky MD