Richard Sherman’s Super Bowl ankle injury

I was watching the Super Bowl last night and saw Richard Sherman hurt his ankle.  He was down for a little while and then was carted off the field, never to return to play. reports:

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was shaken up early in the game, but he managed to stay on the field and contribute to the dominating Seahawks performance. Unfortunately, his night came to an early end after suffering an ankle injury while breaking up a pass to Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas.

Sherman showed up on the field after the game to celebrate the win with his teammates, but he was sporting a heavy ankle brace and some crutches.

Once the dust settled, it was reported that Sherman suffered a high ankle sprain during the game.

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A high ankle sprain is a stretch or partial tear of the syndesmotic ligament and/or the distal tibia-fibula ligament.  Time and rest usually heals these injury; very few require surgical repair.